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Home Products Fill Range 10 g to 5 kg (TNU 153 ND)
Fill Range 10 g to 5 kg (TNU 153 ND)

Features: Model TNU 153ND

Model TNU 153 ND TNU 153 ND
Products Filled Powders
Fill Range (g) 10 g to 5 kg
Fill Speed (minute) 20 fill.
Fill Accuracy (g) ±1g
Containers Filled Bags, Bottles, Pouches. Cartridges, etc
Operation Semi-Automatic
Hopper Capacity 24 liter(6 gallon, 21kg)

ISO 9001=2000 certified quality powder filling machine offers you speed, reliability and fill accuracy. Dreamfill offers you quality and performance in the design and manufacture of low maintenance and highly reliable powder filling machines.


  • Fifty(50) gram load settings(Pre-programmable) for your most popular powders. Examples are as follows:

Coffee 1 210g 170-200g 3-5
Herbal 2 500g 400-480g 3-5
Spice 4 150g 120-140g 2-3
Talc 49 190g 150-180g 2-3
Titanium 50 10g 1-2

            P/N: Pre-programmed settings (up to 50)
            SP-2: Target fill amount (gram)
            SP-1: Point at which fill rate slows down
            Speed Selector: 1 = slowest / 5 = fastest
            Free Fall: Use when target fill weight is not reached or over filled

  • Fill Accuracy & Weight Control: Very high precise SP1 & SP2 system gives optimum fill weight control. Also, Horizontal Auger provides consistent in feed flow control of most products delivering maximum accuracy.
  • Fill Speed: Control and modify fill speeds using five(5) speed levels plus foot pedal or "start" button.
  • Easy Cleaning time is approx. 10 minutes with no tools needed to breakdown and quick re-assembly.


Product Videos

Click here to see product demonstration videos.

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